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Hight Light

  • Integrate with all agent’s terminal such as: IP phone, Analog phone, Softphone.
  • Flexible and intelligent call routing ability depends on a combine of many conditions such as: source/destination based routing, skill based routing,…
  • Support many priority levels based on: waiting time in queue, customer group (VIP/normal customer)…
  • Support Notice and Music on queue used in call process.
  • Agent client function allows agent to carry out more tasks: make/ receive/ forward call, make conference, display popup, change status, display call-related information, record.
  • Supervisor function allows supervisor to search, view, interfere into a call (intercept, coach call, disconnect call) of every agent, display all call-related information of agents.
  • Support Remote operation and administration over web interface.
  • Support automatic recording or conditional recording function.


Technical Specification



Windows server, Linux.


Oracle, mySQL, MS Sql Server, postSQL

Code Base

C, PHP, Perl, JSP, Java, MS .Net


R2, ISDN, SS7, Analog.

Telecom Interface Module

Telecom Specialized Card

Hardware Base

Industrial Server




  1. Brochure_Intebox_ACD_1000.pdf